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Growing Your Sales Is More Than Just Offering A Great Product Or Service.
It's About Persuading Clients That Your Solution Solves Their Problems.

Hire the Best Salespeople who start selling fast

Provide the training that closes more deals

Develop High-Performance Sales Leadership

74% of companies say converting leads into customers is their TOP priority
80% of companies are unhappy with their new sales hires

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Companies are overwhelmed with
finding and training top salespeople.

Businesses are more competitive than ever but struggle to find and retain salespeople who start generating revenue fast.

The longer it takes to find and train someone, the more it costs you in lost customers and revenue.

Once you've hired a new salesperson, training is essential to ensure continued performance.

FPG helps companies address their greatest sales challenges

“Our sales placements sell 2x faster than the average salesperson with twice as much revenue for their company.”

Jason Forrest, CEO, FPG

1. Recruiting

It’s hard enough to find people to hire, let alone good ones that deliver results. And if you don’t have a background in sales, you might not even know what to look for when hiring top sellers. Our sales recruiting program takes the guesswork out of finding the right salespeople and provides the onboarding support they need to start producing results. Fast.

2. Training

Why settle for one-size-fits-all sales training when your team is unique? Choose from our diverse programs to tailor the right training solution for each member’s experience and challenges.

All our programs offer ongoing support, so when sellers have trouble implementing what they learned, our coaches are here to help.

3. Fractional Leadership

If you’re a smaller organization with a sales team of 9 people or less, hiring a full-time sales leader might not make financial sense. Fractional sales leaders can offer the support you need without the overhead expense and risk of a full-time hire. They will use their years of experience to lead and coach your sales team to deliver against your company’s revenue goals.


If you want your company to be known for having the best sales experience in your industry, you need the very best salespeople, sales leaders, training, and a high-performance culture. The problem is that sales recruiting, training, and even sales leadership (if you’re a small business) are not your areas of expertise or the best use of your time and resources.

FPG has been disrupting the sales industry since 2008

We understand how crucial a great sales team is to drive profitable sales for your company. This is why we created the world’s best sales recruiting, sales training, and fractional sales leadership company, so you can focus on creating products and services that improve people’s lives.

Here’s How We Do It:
  1. Identify The Areas You Need Support: Sales Recruiting, Training, or Fractional Sales Leadership
  2. Tell Us About Your Greatest Sales Challenges
  3. We’ll explain Our Proven Process So You Can Decide If We Are The Right Solution to Help Achieve Your Sales Goals

If you want to stop feeling frustrated every time you miss your forecast or have to lower your prices to make a sale, then Book A Meeting to learn how to win the business you deserve.

Ranked as the 5th best sales guru in the world, Jason Forrest is the author of 'Warrior Selling' and 'The Mindset of a Sales Warrior' and the visionary by FPG.

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See how we’ve transformed sales teams. Check out our Client Success Stories!

Forrest Performance Group Receives 2022 Hire Vets Medallion Award from The U.S. Department of Labor

The Forrest Performance Group has been recognized as one of the 835 recipients of the 2022 HIRE Vets Medallion Award by the U.S. Department of Labor. 

This award recognizes employers who successfully recruit, hire, and retain veterans.

At FPG, we know that you want a sales experience that is equal to your great product and service.

In order to have that sales experience, you need the very best salespeople and sales leadership. The problem is sales recruiting and training (and even sales leadership if you’re a small business) is not your expertise or even the best use of your time or resources. We understand how crucial a great sales team is to drive profitable sales for your company. This is why we created the world’s best sales recruiting, sales training, and fractional sales leadership company, so you can focus on creating products and services that improve people’s lives.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Tell Us About If You’re Interested In Our Sales Recruiting, Training, or Fractional Sales Leadership Services,

2. Tell Us About Your Sales Forecast and Your Top Sales Challenges,

3. We Share With You “The Way We Work” and You Decide If We Are The Best Solution to Achieve Your Sales Targets.

So, Book a Meeting Now to speak to us. So you can stop feeling the frustration or even disappointment of having to lower your sales forecast or your prices, and instead start taking the market share that you deserve. 

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