Unlock Your Sales Team's Hidden Potential with SPQ Sales Assessment

The Only Sales Assessment That Measures All Known Symptoms of Sales Reluctance

Discover 3 Key Areas You'll Master With this SPQ Sales Assessment

sales assessment: sales preference questionnaire
1. Identify Unknown Barriers

The SPQ sales assessment is the only sales assessment in the world that measures all known symptoms of sales producer’s reluctance to making sales calls. This questionnaire identifies imposters that can affect sales activity, and can help you identify if your sales team is struggling with unknown barriers.

2. Unlock Hidden Potential

The SPQ sales assessment is highly effective for uncovering hidden potential in your sales team. It provides comprehensive insights into the skills and behaviors of your salespeople, helping identify strengths and weaknesses. With proper SPQ assessment training, you can unlock your sales force's full potential, driving them toward success and profitability.

3. Find The Right Candidates

The SPQ sales assessment is also a great way to find the right candidates for your organization. By using this sales assessment, you'll be able to identify the potential candidates who are best-suited to excel in your organization, helping you to hire the right people for the job.

Discover the Revealing Insights Awaited from the Sales Assessment

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1. Brake/Accelerator:

Overall estimate of total sales call reluctance; energy diverted away from contact initiation. Accelerator: Overall estimate of energy currently available for contact initiation activities.

2. Diffused Call Reluctance:

Types of call reluctance that may inhibit all sales avenues.

3. Targeted Call Reluctance:

Types of call reluctance affecting only specific selling avenues.

SPQ results graphic 2
4. Secondary Call Reluctance:

Types of call reluctance that affect business development activities after first contact has been made.

5. Impostors:

Potential road blocks to contact initiation separate from call reluctance types.

6. Filters:

Measure of “noise” indicated by responses to the assessment questions. Determines the context for interpreting the rest of the assessment.

BSRP has been recognized for the discovery of a new construct (Call Reluctance) by the Society for Industrial & Organizational Psychology, a division of the American Psychological Society.
Source:  Behavioral Sciences Research Press (BSRP)

SPQ Sales Assessment Features:

  • Targeted focus on contact initiation — core competency of selling.
  • Innovative Dudley-Goodson LERA™ Response Format — no guessing what the candidate meant to say.
  • True Scale™ assessment construction based on state-of-the art psychometric science.
  • Measures all 16 known types of sales call reluctance.
  • Measures 7 call reluctance impostors.
  • Easy-to-read reports.
  • Numerous Quality Assurance checks to ensure compliance with instructions.
  • Results confirmable by direct observation.
  • Credible science — publisher frequently presents at mainstream psych conventions.
  • Legal compliance.
Source:  Behavioral Sciences Research Press (BSRP)
SPQ results

Functional Dimensions of Sales Process:

The correlation between lower levels of sales performance and higher levels of sales sales reluctance is a real issue that affects organizations.

Your team could miss out on valuable opportunities due to sales reluctance if appropriate strategies are not in place. Instead of getting stuck in a state of hesitation and indecision, take action today with FPG’s SPQ Assessment Training services.

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