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Growing Sales Is Critical To Your Company's Success

Provide dedicated leadership to your sales team of 9 people or less

Ensure your sales team is focused on the right activities and customers

See results quickly from a seasoned expert who will hit the ground running

Strong sales teams are led by experienced leaders who can provide coaching and support

They aren’t led by the owner or top executives. Spreading yourself too thin and focusing on areas that aren’t your expertise is a poor use of your time and will ultimately hurt your organization.

Leading a sales team and running a company are very different jobs requiring different skills. Whether your company is in the early stages or a transitional phase, you need a strong fractional sales leader to get you to the next level.

With salaries easily topping $200,000 annually, more companies are turning to fractional sales leaders for support.

At FPG Fractional Sales Leadership, all we do is sales

Our Fractional Sales Leaders are well-seasoned experts trained in a variety of industries whose goal is to ensure your sales team is

Being supported

Receiving the right amount of coaching

Held accountable

Your company should use a fractional sales leader if you:

The Right fractional sales Leader is Critical To Increasing Revenue for Your Company

Our years of sales experience both as top producers and trusted leaders have taught us one thing, sales leaders that coach their team like seasoned athletes experience the greatest success.

With FPG's Fractional Sales Leadership, we'll focus on five key areas:

1. Conversion

We'll teach your sellers how to increase their conversion rate by up-leveling their mindset, process, and language.

2. Mindset

We'll create a growth mindset within your sales team so everyone is always striving for the next level.

3. Accountability

We'll set clear expectations for your team and, more importantly, hold them accountable so they follow through on their commitments.

4. Customer Experience

We want to create a culture within your team that delivers the best sales experience for every customer as compared to your competitors.

5. Communication

We'll always communicate up by sharing solutions for increasing conversion rates, and we'll NEVER ask you to lower your prices to make a sale.

“Sales leaders are expensive! It doesn’t make financial sense to hire a head of sales until you have 10 or more salespeople. Instead, outsourcing your sales leadership to FPG will ensure expert leadership at a fraction of the cost.”

Jason Forrest
Jason Forrest - fractional sales leadership services

You Can Make a Bigger Impact

Forrest Performance Group is the fastest-growing sales and management training company in the United States. A global leader and designer of sales, management, customer service, and executive training programs, FPG has won multiple international awards for its one-of-a-kind, behaviorally-focused training methodology.

Smaller businesses are often in a tricky spot when it comes to hiring a sales leader because they need expert support but struggle with paying a high salary. FPG’s Fractional Sales Leadership supports B2B and B2C teams with nine or less people by offering the same benefits as full-time sales leadership without the expensive salary.

FPG has been disrupting the sales industry since 2008 with our leadership programs. With more than 15 years’ experience helping sales organizations meet their targets, we’ve successfully trained thousands of salespeople and sales management in nearly 50 B2B and B2C industries as well as the US Army Recruiters.

Mary and Jason Forrest - Fractional Sales Leaders

Are You Ready to Increase Your Sales?

It’s easy to get started with FPG:

Step 1 – Book a Meeting

Firstly, tell us about your sales forecast and top sales challenges.

Step 2 – Present Your Leadership Plan

Next, we'll propose a detailed process to achieve your sales targets.

Step 3 – Welcome Your New Sales Leader

Finally, your new sales leader steps in so you can return to doing what you do best.

“The problem with most sales training is they lack structure and cohesion, but with FPG, we get both. This has created at least a 35% increase in revenue in the first 4 months for the company. By implementing their techniques/processes, my individual sales have doubled.”

Chris Jamieson

Owner - Lawn Connections

“We started using FPG’s Fractional Sales Coaching services, and our sales increased 60% in the first month.”

Lance Price

Division President - Westwind

Although smaller businesses are often in a tricky spot when it comes to hiring a sales leader, there are still solutions available to help them succeed and grow their sales team. Fractional Sales Leadership is a viable solution for B2B and B2C teams that are under nine people in size since it offers the same benefits as full-time sales leadership without the associated costs.

Not only does this approach provide accountability and drive performance, but the visionary of a business won’t have to worry about lacking time and or expertise to lead their sales team. Don’t let your lack of Sales Leadership hold you back any longer. Now is the time to take action on your sales targets and book a consulting meeting so that we can help get you on track. Achieve success today!

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