Sales Babble Podcast with Pat Helmers and Jason Forrest

Jason Forrest is a sales trainer, consultant, and author of the new book The Mindset of the Sales Warrior. He is passionate about transforming sales organizations into high-performance sales teams, and their sales representatives into high-performance sales athletes. He believes that true sales training changes not only companies but also people’s lives as they learn how to reach their full potential.

Jason believes we’re all in sales and in the business of persuasion. For him, warriors are protectors, they stop people from harming themselves. Even when the buyers don’t recognize it, the warrior’s job is to protect.

According to Jason, the flaw with the helper mindset is you can only help people who want to be helped. If you’re a protector, you know what’s best for them. Jason disagrees with the idea that people don’t want to be sold, but do want to buy. He believes people like to be sold because they want to feel wanted. Too many sellers are soft and fluffy in Jason’s words. Yes, people don’t want to be conned and lied to. But Jason believes buyers want to be led. That’s the warrior mindset.

Episode Highlights

  • Jason Forrest’s Journey
  • The Mindset of a Sales Warrior Book
  • Warriors are Protectors
  • Difference between the Helper mindset and a Warrior Mindset
  • People want to be sold, they like to feel wanted
  • Mastery Pyramid
  • The importance of being consciously present
  • Work on your mindset to be resilient
  • About FPG and FPG Training Programs
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About Sales Babble Podcast

Pat Helmers started the Sales Babble sales podcast in March 2014. His goal was to cut through the babble of bad sales advice too often repeated by society. He disagrees with the idea that sales are a pushy and unethical profession. He believes that if you have a genuine desire to serve your customers, anyone can become successful at sales.

 Every Tuesday he publishes interviews of sales experts across a wide range of industries. Each episode provides practical and actionable advice sellers can immediately apply. It’s fun, entertaining, and guarantees practical advice.

You can find recent episodes of Sales Babble here and a tour of the Sales Babble studio here.  There are daily postings on the private Sales Babble Facebook Group. Have been one of the TOP 10  sales podcasts chosen by Sales Coach World in 2018! 

Connect With FPG

If you’re ready to eliminate excuses and walk away with strategies that remain relevant long after the training is over, then Warrior Selling® is for you. Contact us TODAY!

Jason Forrest

Jason Forrest has disrupted the sales training industry by creating the first training program that changes behavior. This is done through 1) teaching tactical real-world processes; 2) the language of persuasion, 3) removing the mental excuses that hold people back, and 4) through a program-based training approach. 

This philosophy is what led his Warrior Selling® and Leadership Sales Coaching programs to be ranked in the top 2 of the World’s Top Sales Development Programs, by Global Gurus. His provocative style of speaking his truth ranks him as number 5 on the Global Sales Guru list. 

Jason is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the science of influence and behavioral change. He is also a Practitioner in Accelerated Evolution, the psychology of removing fear in high performers.

Jason is on a mission to ignite pride, purpose, and respect for professional selling.

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