Selling Like A Warrior With Jason Forrest | Hosted by The Marketing Umbrella

How many times have you felt like you were stuck in a rut, both professionally and personally? If you’re not careful, it can happen again and again. But there is hope! Change is possible, and it starts with taking a good hard look at yourself and your habits. Then, it’s time to make some adjustments to turn things around.

In this episode of The Marketing Umbrella, Itamar Shafir talks with Jason Forrest about sales and how to create a successful mindset to achieve consistent success. Jason also gives tips about the main things you need to pay attention to change in yourself, the functioning of marketing agencies, and the types of personalities Sales Warriors have.

What You’ll Learn

  • Three steps to any successful sale.
  • Why is it important to see improving sales as improving lives?
  • Tips for critical behavioral changes.
  • How personality types play into one’s ability to sell.
  • How to keep motivation high for salespeople.

About The Marketing Umbrella

The Marketing Umbrella Podcast with Itamar Shafir is for marketing agency owners and digital marketing entrepreneurs.

In this podcast, he interviews leading industry experts with proven business-building experience who will offer keen insight and practical advice.

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If you’re ready to eliminate excuses and walk away with strategies that remain relevant long after the training is over, then Warrior Selling® is for you. Contact us TODAY!

Jason Forrest

Jason Forrest has disrupted the sales training industry by creating the first training program that changes behavior. This is done through 1) teaching tactical real-world processes; 2) the language of persuasion, 3) removing the mental excuses that hold people back, and 4) through a program-based training approach. 

This philosophy is what led his Warrior Selling® and Leadership Sales Coaching programs to be ranked in the top 2 of the World’s Top Sales Development Programs, by Global Gurus. His provocative style of speaking his truth ranks him as number 5 on the Global Sales Guru list. 

Jason is a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, the science of influence and behavioral change. He is also a Practitioner in Accelerated Evolution, the psychology of removing fear in high performers.

Jason is on a mission to ignite pride, purpose, and respect for professional selling.

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