The Key to a More Productive Day

I want you to think of your success as a bank account. You don’t fill up your bank account accidentally. You make continual deposits you earned through hard work. What happens when you ignore your bank account? It depletes. That’s when you start to feel anxious, uncertain, and everything begins to unravel at the seams. Your success as Sales Warrior is dependent on the level of productivity you put in every day. And that productivity comes from your daily rituals. 

Think of your bank deposits as your rituals, and each deposit is adding to your success. If you don’t make those ritual deposits into your bank, you’re rapidly draining your mental account until it gets down to nothing. If your deposits are irregular – a big payday one month with nothing the next – you’ll heap unnecessary amounts of stress onto your life as you try to figure out how to pay the bills.

Setting daily rituals creates structure, helps you reach your goals, and reduces procrastination. The real power in rituals is the way they can help you build momentum, break bad habits, prioritize your life, and make you more efficient.

Your rituals rewire your brain to focus on achieving the desired goal. A ritual is a way to refocus your attention on your goal, and then reinforce every action to align with your goals.

This, above everything else, is why your rituals shape your success.

Goal-seeking inevitably results in stress, and rituals are a way for Sales Warriors to clean out all the mental leashes holding you in check. your goal is to make your company’s top performers club, for example, then incorporating a morning ritual around visualizing that reality is a great way to bring that goal to life.

It’s just a fact of life that uncertainty brings out a stress response from your brain. I’m sure you can remember times in your life when you had a huge goal but became too overwhelmed to see it through. This is because your brain was more focused on the outside noise than the goal itself. When we give more power to the circumstances around our goals than our goals themselves, we burn out and give up. 

In Brazil, researchers studied people who perform something called “simpatias.” These are rituals the locals used for achieving goals like quitting smoking and curing asthma. Whenever they faced hardship, the locals would do things like burn leaves, put leaves in a bag, put the bag on a crossroads, and repeat it for seven days. What they found was game-changing. The study revealed that the people who used these rituals were able to successfully reach their goals when they consciously performed them for a goal-setting purpose. 

So even if burning leaves didn’t physically change anything, it did in the minds of the people who undertook the ritual. They used repetition to reframe their mindset for the better, no matter how trivial the actual action was. It wasn’t about the actual activities themselves; it was the importance of the broader ritual and what those people wanted to see, hear and feel. They didn’t just have a ritual like a lucky dollar and hope for the best. They used their ritual to refocus their energy on a mental goal. And it worked. 

In other words, rituals rewire your brain for the better.

My own rituals form the basis of my day, and they’re always pointing me towards goal achievement. Every morning and evening I have a carefully laid out multi-step process that allows me to start every day with maximum energy and gratitude and end each day with the techniques that give me the best chance for success the next day. 

Your day either owns you, or you own your day. I couldn’t own my day without my rituals. 

The bigger question you may be asking yourself is, do rituals like these actually improve performance? In a word: yes. Think about different cultures around the world. Culture is manifested in each society, and it shows in the external world through ritual. People use narratives and artistic production to encode people to live by their culture’s beliefs. 

In other words, every ritual has a purpose. Find yours and create more space for your conscious mind to do the incredible. 

So, here’s 4 steps you can take right now towards building your daily rituals and achieving more productivity throughout your day

1) Gain awareness around the morning and evening rituals you already have. Identify the ones that benefit you and the ones that don’t, and write them down.

2) Have compassion around the fact that your rituals are giving you what you are currently getting. Finish the following sentence: “I am grateful that my rituals have allowed me to accomplish _______________.”

3) Ask yourself these two questions: 

     3A) “What new outcomes do I want out of each and every day?” 

      3B) “How do I want to feel at the end of my morning and evening rituals?” 

4) Hack your morning and evening rituals to achieve your desired outcomes by creating new behaviors.

Your rituals could include anything from journaling to meditation to exercise. It’s about building a routine that sets your day up for success. Be conscious of the last thoughts you have before you go to bed. Meditate or listen to music to put yourself in an optimal state before starting your day. When you consciously form your rituals around the goals you set and the outcomes you want, you’re taking another tangible step toward becoming the ultimate Sales Warrior.

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