Build Rapport with Every Customer To Close More Sales

Increase your conversion rate & drive more revenue

If you could establish rapport with every prospect, how many more sales would you close?

Create lasting relationships.

Get more referrals.

Increase customer satisfaction.

Naturally connecting with potential customers makes the sales process feel effortless.

We’ve all experienced it. We meet with a prospect, feel like fast friends, and the entire sales process feels effortless and natural. We close the sale. But more importantly, we feel good about it because we’re helping our new client solve their problem.

What if EVERY client meeting felt this way?

Trust is key in building rapport and closing more sales

Without establishing rapport, your conversion rates decline

Increase your conversion rates & have more satisfied customers

Building rapport isn’t about asking a few personal questions and trying to become friends. It’s a natural connection so potential customers can be open and honest about the challenges they’re experiencing while allowing the salesperson to offer real solutions.

Built trust

Establishing rapport begins with trust. And when potential customers trust you, they feel more comfortable in their buying decision.

Open Communication

When you connect with a potential customer, they are more willing to share their real pain points allowing you to tailor your pitch to best meet their needs.

Handling Objections

Most clients will have an objection that needs to be overcome before you close the sale, and when you've built rapport, they're more likely to be open.

FPG's Building Rapport course focuses on the six energies within all of us and how to master them to connect effortlessly


The six energies that exist within each of us and those that attract and that repel our clients.


The mindset, process, and language of the six energies to use with each client to establish rapport.


A deeper connection with each of your customers results in high conversion rates.

“We both individually had a high conversion rate, even though we sold very differently if you watched us. So we decided to merge our two styles to create something even better! This course is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced!”

– Jason Forrest, Founder & CEO, FPG, & Mary Marshall Forrest, President & Chief Learning Officer, FPG

How Our Program Works

We don’t believe real change can come from a two-day event where teams leave excited and full of energy, but within weeks, they revert to all their old habits.

Instead, real change comes from consistent work over time with the opportunity to practice new skills and make corrections through peer and coach feedback.


The course begins with our signature boot camp to learn the key traits of an advocate and how to create them.


Next, participants will work through a series of lessons to practice what they've learned and increase their confidence.


This is where real change happens. In Zoom-based coaching sessions over six weeks, participants will discuss with their peers and coach what challenges they are still facing and how best to overcome them.

In this course, participants will learn:

1. Presence

2. Expression

3. Claim

4. Surrender

5. Penetration

6. Invitation

You Can Make a Bigger Impact

Forrest Performance Group is the fastest-growing sales and a management training company in the United States. A global leader and designer of sales, management, customer service and executive training programs, FPG has won multiple international awards for its one-of-a-kind, behaviorally-focused training methodology.

FPG has been disrupting the sales training industry since 2008 by creating training programs that deliver real-world results. We understand that two-day training programs have little impact because it takes time to learn, practice, and perfect new skills.

Our series of signature training programs go beyond what other sales training companies teach. Our programs are designed to work together to provide the comprehensive knowledge sellers need to take their company’s revenue to the next level.

Are You Ready to Build Rapport with Every Customer?

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Step 2 – How We Can Help

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Step 3 – Training Begins

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At FPG Sales Training, we know that you want to be the leader of a high-performing sales team.

In order to do that, you need the very best training for your salespeople and sales leadership. The problem is most sales training is philosophical and not tactical, killing your salespeople’s morale while you’re annoyed that you wasted your limited time and budget on another “shot-in-arm” training event. Forrest Performance Group was founded in 2008 to solve the problem that 164 billion is spent on training every year, yet 70% fails to achieve an ROI. We understand how frustrating it is to have no one buy a great product or service that improves people’s lives because the sales experience falls short.

This is why we created the world’s only real-world, tactical, program-based, excuse-free sales and sales leadership training programs. Here’s how we do it:

1. Tell Us About Your Sales Forecast and Your Top Sales Challenges, 2. Let Us Create Your Custom Sales Process and Script, 3. We Train Your Sales Team, And You Watch Your Sales Increase.

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