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Investing in Sales Training in Nevada That Doesn't Work Cost Your Company Time, Money, and Morale

Most businesses in Nevada lack the time, resources, and expertise to develop a relevant training program that keeps up with the current market challenges.

At FPG Sales Training, we create training programs based on your current sales-stopping problems to give you an advantage over your competition.

The Three Main Reasons People Like You Choose Our Sales Training Services in Nevada Are:


There is a performance gap between your top and average producers that, if reduced, would create substantial new revenue.


Your sales team is struggling with price objections, causing you to lower your forecast.


You're losing sales because your newest salespeople don't have the right processes and language to win sales against the competition.

At FPG Sales Training Nevada, We'll Train Your Sales Team Like They Are Our Own.

We Get You

We Got You

The 10 Ways We Are Different Than Other Sales Training Companies in Nevada:

How it Works

Tell Us About Your Sales Forecast and Your Top Sales Challenges
Let Us Create Your Custom Sales Process and Message
We Train Your Sales Team, And You Watch Your Sales Increase

Flagship Sales and Leadership Training Programs

Warrior Selling is listed as the #2 Sales Training Program, and Leadership Sales Coaching is listed as the #1 Sales Leadership Training Program in the UNIVERSE by Global Gurus. Don’t believe us, then fact check us here!

Customer Reviews

“The problem with most sales training is they lack structure and cohesion, but with FPG, we get both. This has created at least a 35% increase in revenue in the first 4 months, for the company. By implementing their techniques/processes, my individual sales have doubled.”

Chris Jamieson

Owner - Lawn Connections

“I was worried that my very experienced team would revolt following the Warrior Selling 12-Step Sales Process and Customized Script. What I realized instead is that it gave everyone increased confidence and gave my sales leadership team a playbook to hold accountable.”

Lindsey Jagoe

VP of Sales - Jagoe Homes

“For our front-line sellers, this course teaches how effectively advocating for themselves, their company, their product, and their customer ultimately creates a customer that is an advocate for them, which is important because customers who are advocates buy significantly more than customers who are not.”

Grant Williams

Director of Sales Northeast Region - Myers Tires Supplies

“When the housing market changed some builders were worried about sales, but because we’ve been working with FPG we knew this is an opportunity to gain market share. Our teams have trained for seasons like this and because of FPG we are prepared and excited about this current selling season.”

Nanette M. Pfister

Vice President of Sales at Epcon Communities

Customer Reviews

At FPG Sales Training, we know that you want to be the leader of a high-performing sales team.

In order to do that, you need the very best training for your salespeople and sales leadership.  The problem is most sales training is philosophical and not tactical, killing your salespeople’s morale while you’re annoyed that you wasted your limited time and budget on another “shot-in-arm” training event. Forrest Performance Group was founded in 2008 to solve the problem that 164 billion is spent on training every year, yet 70% fails to achieve an ROI. We understand how frustrating it is to have no one buy a great product or service that improves people’s lives because the sales experience falls short.

This is why we created the world’s only real-world, tactical, program-based, excuse-free sales and sales leadership training programs. Here’s how we do it:

1. Tell Us About Your Sales Forecast and Your Top Sales Challenges,

2. Let Us Create Your Custom Sales Process and Script,

3. We Train Your Sales Team, And You Watch Your Sales Increase.

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